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Find Yourself Here - Cartegena Retreat, January 2020

Join Julie Starr, owner of STARR LIFE and STARR YOGA studio, for a unique retreat to Cartagena, Colombia and its surrounding islands!

Cartagena is a beautiful city, blending vibrant Colombian & Caribbean culture, and offering easy access to the stunning white sand beaches and calm waters of the Rosario and Tierra Bomba Islands. You’ll move and dance by day and enjoy the vibrant community and gorgeous scenes by night.

Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, swim in the crystal blue waters, or experience the local culture, delicious foods, and trendy nightlife of Cartagena (salsa dancing, anyone?), this retreat truly has something for everybody!


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"Finding your happiest and healthiest self comes down to three crucial factors: what you eat and drink, how you move and most importantly, what moves you at an emotional level." Julie Starr, Founder, Starr Life