Starr Life is the culmination of nutritionist and fitness guru Julie Starr’s years of work as a credentialed nutritionist and successful yoga and barre teacher and studio owner. For over a decade, Boston’s fittest, healthiest and happiest people have been saying “WWJD?” (What Would Julie Do?) before making decisions about what they eat and how they move, ultimately changing their lives for the better.

Clients who live the Starr Life understand that being fit, healthy and happy is all about balance and moderation. Any dietician knows that you can’t out-exercise bad nutrition, and any fitness instructor knows you can’t just restrict your calories at all times because you’re too busy to move your body. Julie Starr teaches clients that along your journey towards health and wellness, you need to think about what you eat, how you move and what moves YOU. By taking a holistic approach to food and fitness, doing the things that make you happiest will ultimately help you achieve your healthiest life.


“Julie Starr is a phenomenal nutritionist. She guides you in such subtle ways that you forget you are making important life decisions in the process. Julie is professional and consistent, encouraging and full of interpersonal warmth – the consummate coach! Julie possesses a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and educates you in a fun-loving way that teaches you how to integrate healthful eating into your personal lifestyle. I give Julie Starr my highest recommendation!”

– Leslie

“I first started seeing Julie when I was trying to shed a few pounds before running the Boston Marathon.  While Julie helped me get to my goal weight, the lessons I learned from her went far beyond any scale.  She taught me that eating healthy can still taste good, and that there are so many options to choose from!  I took the advice she gave me and turned it into a lifestyle. Those 10 pounds I lost with Julie’s help have never come back on and I have more energy than ever!  I have recommended Julie to a lot of my friends because she makes eating healthy so easy that you’ll never go back to your old bad habits!”

– Jackie C.