Many people diet and many people exercise, but not everyone sees lasting results. Starr Life helps clients change their bodies without the temptation to go back to old habits. We help you take control of what you eat and drink, give you fun and effective ways to move your body, and ultimately help you figure out what moves you at an emotional level.

Whether it’s morning meditation, bouncing on a trampoline with your kids, or reading romance novels, everyone has something they are passionate about and can do more of to enliven their spirits. Eat the foods you love, do the activities you enjoy and take time to take care of yourself. Then everything else will fall into place with your health and well-being. That’s the Starr Life approach to holistic nutrition. Who couldn’t get on board with that?

Starr Life offers the following nutrition counseling services:

Virtual one-on-one counseling

For those who are looking for a personalized nutrition plan, Starr Life offers private one-on-one nutrition counseling. Available via Skype, phone and e-mail, we’ll create an individualized program with effective tools to help you meet your nutritional goals. Our one-on-one clients utilize our services to help with:

  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Lifestyle and wellness
  • Pre- and Post-natal health
  • Sports nutrition
  • Pediatric and teen nutrition
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Family and office nutrition/food culture

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Group workshops

Julie Starr works with groups varying from small circles of new moms needing help with losing their baby weight, to large corporate offices looking to make their employees happier and more productive through good nutrition and regular exercise. Book Julie to lead a one-time seminar on such topics as “Social in the City: Finding the Balance Between Holistic Nutrition Principles and an Active Social Life.” Or book a regular weekly or monthly get together with Julie to establish group goals, check in on progress and discuss challenges and successes along the way.


STRIP Cleanse

Starr Life’s ever popular STRIP Cleanse is a 10-day professionally guided, interactive, food-focused nutrition program. Offered four times per year, this program will help you STRIP away the unnecessary food and unhealthy habits from your diet that may contribute to inflammation, digestive issues, weight gain and bloating, and add in foods that will help you feel and look your best. In just ten days, you will have a strong foundation and the essential tools to propel you forward into your health goals. After all, everyone knows that stripping with friends is way more fun than stripping on your own!

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